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The Association of Brass Band Adjudicators (AoBBA) was inaugurated on 24th January 1999 at Dean Clough in Halifax with 22 members present. The first members of the Executive Committee were John Berryman, Roy Newsome, Peter Parkes, David Read (Chair), James Scott and Geoffrey Whitham.

Since that first meeting the Association has grown in strength to over 80 members and is proud that AoBBA member adjudicators are predominant in all major brass band competitions throughout the UK and are also represented in Europe and Scandinavia.

The Association of Brass Band Adjudicators currently has amongst its ranks some of the finest brass musicians in the UK and its primary aim is to develop professional standards and further the status of the art of brass band adjudication.

AoBBA actively encourages application for membership solely based on the quality and experience of musicianship and without any bias or predjudice. We are a diverse and inclusive body of people and strive to achieve reflection of the banding community.

What we do

The Executive Committee

The executive committee is made up of a diverse group of elected officials from the membership that are voted in biannually at the Associations AGM. The Executive committee currently meets online or in person around three times a year, plus any additional as required.

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  • Dr Brett Baker

    Dr Brett Baker

  • Nicholas Garman

    Nicholas Garman

  • Christopher King

    Christopher King

  • Martin Heartfield

    Martin Heartfield

    Head of Trainee Programme
  • Christopher Bond

    Public Relations
  • Sheona Wade

    Sheona Wade

    Executive Committee Member
  • David Ashworth

    Executive Committee Member
  • Stephanie Binns

    Executive Committee Member
  • Helen Douthwaite-Teesdale

    Executive Committee Member
  • Alan Duguid

    Executive Committee Member


Our resources are provided for the use of bands and conductors who wish to access and download relevant material published by the Association of Brass Band Adjudicators. All the material is copyright and should not be reproduced in any form without permission of the copyright holder.

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Our Adjudicators

Please click on the name or picture of our current membership to find about their experience as well as more information about them.

  • Adam Cooke

  • Alan Bourne

  • Alan Duguid

  • Alan Fernie

  • Alan Morrison

  • Alan Widdop

  • Allan Holdsworth

  • Allan Ramsay

  • Alwyn Green

  • Andrea Price

  • Andrew Warriner

  • Andrew Duncan

  • Anne Crookston

  • Barry Thompson (Honorary Member)

  • Benjamin Richeton

  • Dr Brett Baker

  • C. Brian Buckley (Honorary Member)

  • Christopher Bond

  • Chris Davis

  • Chris King

  • Christopher Houlding

  • Chris Wormald

  • Cliff Parker

  • Colin Hardy (Honorary Member)

  • Colum O'Shea

  • Craig Roberts

  • David W Ashworth

  • David Lancaster

  • David Roberts

  • Derek Renshaw

  • Duncan Beckley

  • Duncan Wilson

  • Gareth Pritchard

  • Gary Davies

  • Gavin Saynor

  • Glyn Williams

  • Gordon Eddison

  • Gordon Higginbottom (Honorary Member)

  • Sarah Groarke-Booth

  • Helen Douthwaite-Teasdale

  • Howard J Evans

  • Jack Capstaff

  • James Holt

  • Joseph W Cook

  • John Doyle

  • John Roberts

  • John Ward

  • John Winterflood

  • Jonathan Pippen

  • Leigh Baker

  • Malcolm Brownbill (Honorary Member)

  • Mark Wilkinson

  • Martin Heartfield

  • Matthew Brown

  • Matthew Ryan (Trainee)

  • Matthew Whitfield

  • Melvin White

  • Michael Alcorn

  • Michael Ball

  • Michael Fowles

  • Morten E. Hansen

  • Nicholas Childs

  • Nicholas Garman

  • Nigel Seaman

  • Paul Norley

  • Phillip Littlemore

  • Richard Jones

  • Richard Marshall

  • Robert Burnett

  • Robert Childs

  • Rob Wiffin

  • Sam Fisher

  • Sheona Wade

  • Simone Rebello

  • Stan Lippeatt

  • Stephanie Binns

  • Stephen Cobb

  • Stephen Tighe

  • Steve Hartley

  • Stephen Pritchard-Jones

  • Steve Sykes

  • Stuart Gray

  • Tom Davoren

  • Tony Swainson

  • Derek Broadbent - Honorary Member

  • Craig Ratcliffe (Trainee Adjudicator)

  • Jonathan Corry

  • Mark Ford

  • Steven Mead

  • Joel Collier (Trainee Adjudicator)

  • Chris Shanks (Trainee)

  • Tommy Tynan (Trainee)

  • Roger Argente

  • Daniel Brooks (Trainee)

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