Midlands Regional 3rd Section – Report

Midlands Regional 3rd Section – Report

Following the results mix-up at the 2020 Midlands 3rd Section Regional competition, an investigation has been undertaken by an experienced member of the AoBBA Executive.  Following the investigation, a detailed report has been produced which lays out the terms of reference of the investigation, facts of the occurrence, conclusions and recommendations.

In summary, there was a human adjudicating error in the Midlands, rather than a fault of the Midlands Regional system, and as a result of this AoBBA have produced a report and safety checks to be circulated to our members to ensure this situation doesn’t happen again.  The recommendations will also be circulated to Kapitol Promotions to help ensure consistency across the regions in the administration of the results collation and recording process.  The document is available here.

AoBBA would like to apologise to all the affected bands in the Midlands region for the error, especially to Kevin Holdgate and the Newhall Band, who were wrongly announced as winners at the results ceremony.  The revised published results are correct.

Chris King

Public Relations Officer